Friday, February 1, 2008

Jenny's Bridal Session at The Esplanade

Last week our team
had a lot of fun with
Jenny's bridal session at the
Esplanade. I love the bold colors
and the blend of elegance that
the designers created at this
beautiful new facility. For Jenny's
session I wanted to capture a very elegant 
side of Jenny  - it's not every day that you
get to be a bride - so I wanted
to let her create some beautiful
memories to last her lifetime. . . . . . . . . . 

Janice created the hairfashion for Jenny 
that would complement her veil, and 
let her beautiful long blonde hair be
seen. The dress is a very simple, yet
very detailed dress that is absolutely
gorgeous. . . . . . . For the set, I used
several room sized reflectors, as well
as a strobe flash on an extender cord,
which allowed me to position the
flash where I wanted it.  Also, I took 
advantage of the natural light coming
in from the massive windows. In the last shot I
let the sun blow out the photo a bit, just to give
the photo a nice artistic edge. I used a Canon
5d with a 24-105 L lense, wide open at f4 and
controlled by speed to get the exposure just right.
These have not got to post yet, where I'll boost
the contrast, clean up the backgrounds and make
small adjustments to the exposure.

Thanks to the staff at The Esplanade for letting us
use this great facility! Visit
I love the great use of colors, elegant interior space,
and modern ambiance. Be sure to visit them for
a tour of this beautiful new facility located just
a few yards from our studio in the town square in
Cordova Station.

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