Friday, June 26, 2009

Hannah and David's Wedding-Memphis Tennessee - Michael Allen Photography

Here are a few highlights from Hannah & David's Wedding last weekend. They were a great couple to photograph, they had a blast and were always having fun all day long. After the ceremony the reception was held at the Old Daisy Theatre on Beale Street. One of my approaches to photographing a wedding is to catch the couple being themselves. I want them to have fun and enjoy their beautiful day. Part of my artistic approach is to get the couple interacting early in the day, that's when the moments start to happen. The rest of the day seems to flow with all the details of the day. Hannah always has a smile on her face (so does David) and you can see from the photo collection here, how much in love they are with each other. They were a great couple to photograph, and even with the busy wedding schedule, we managed to sneak them away for a few moments for some timeless photographs! I also love the bride's incredible hairstyle, very elegant and classic...thanks to my beautiful wife and her award winning talents!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sarah & Aaron's Wedding - Knoxville Tennessee - Michael Allen Photography

Last weekend we traveled to east Tennessee to photograph Sarah & Aaron's Wedding in Knoxville. Seems like this year I've been all over the country, and the Caribbean photographing lots of fun weddings. Sarah & Aaron were a joy to work with, and the hospitality that their families and friends shared with us was simply amazing. One of my personal highlights (outside of the wedding) was the 2:30 a.m. hotel fire alarm that had about 300 hundred guests standing out in the street in our jammies. We were all half asleep, but definitely made some memories with this "after-after" party. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, and we all climbed back up the 9 stories in the stairwell and crawled back in our beds and went fast to sleep. The next day I had a little "jet lag" from my interrupted sleep, but the weekend was a great adventure. We drove to Knoxville a few days early to explore the mountains, took our daughter to a real gold & gem mine where she panned for gold, spent two days with our dear friend Dolly Parton in Dollywood, and I got a chance to hike the Cumberland mountain trails and zip across five 1000 ft zip lines at blazing speeds in my repelling gear. That was about as much fun as my shark diving adventures in Little Cayman a few years back. Anyway, back to the wedding! We had great weather, a beautiful blue sky day, and perfect temperatures in the 80's. The wedding day was a pretty fast paced day, but Sarah and Aaron were game for some adventure, so we took a quick little tour of downtown Knoxville's downtown outdoor Market, which made for some great photo backdrops. As you can see, Sarah & Aaron, and their entire wedding party had an incredible wedding day! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sarah & Nick's Wedding - Memphis Tennessee - Michael Allen Photography

Here are a few highlights from Sarah & Nick's wedding. They were married at White Station Church of Christ with their reception at Memphis Botanic Garden. I had a great time photographing their wedding, and they had a fun group of friends for their large wedding party. It was a beautiful day for a June wedding, and everything was picture perfect for their day! I love photographing weddings like this, everyone was incredible! We had a great day with time to shoot lots of details. I put together a few of my favorite shots for the blog, and chose a collection of black & white images that create a classic modern wedding. For the outdoor photographs I look for the best light, choosing some partially shaded areas. This was a very bright day, so I look for high canopies under large trees to soften the light. When I find the right light, it mimics a large soft box, creating some very fun and timeless images. Sarah & Nick were very at ease with the camera, and as you can see, they ended up with some incredible photographs. Congratulations Sarah & Nick!