Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mandy & Jerry's Engagement Session

I love to take photos of couples in love. Their expressions toward each other are almost like watching a romantic movie. I talked to Mandy and Jerry about shooting their engagment photos, and I asked if they would give me some freedom to shoot their engagement photos.

I love to scout locations and find places that are unusual, different, and not always the expected.This old railcar is about 500 feet from the busiest streets in the city, but no one even knows this old car is sitting abandoned on the tracks. It's mostly overgrown with weeds in the summer months, but the rest of the year it's an amazing spot for some great photos.
Mandy needed little direction, Jerry followed her lead well. I was a little concerned about lighting, the sky was overcast, but it was bright. One of those days you need to wear sunglasses to keep the sky from making your eyes tear up. We spent about an hour and moved to a couple of locations near the tracks. Old town Cordova has been rezoned for industrial, so the old charm of the original small town has diminished, but the building remain intact, and offer some nice backdrops. I used my Canon 5D in manual mode
for most of these shots. I only did a small amount of post in photoshop. I may go back in a do a little bit more at some point, but I like the results so far. No flash was used, as the 5D can work well in almost any light source. See my gallery for the rest of the photos, I'm booked solid for the next 10 months, so I can't get to the blog page as often as I'd like.