Sunday, April 29, 2012

Carolyn and Fran's Engagement Session - Memphis Tennessee Photographer

Here is a peek of Carolyn and Fran's engagement session. I met them several years ago at one of their friends weddings that I was shooting, and when they got engaged, they gave me a call to be their photographer. They are so much fun, and wanted an adventure for their session, so we went to one of my favorite spots in the South Main Arts District, and set out to shoot on a beautiful spring day. I love shooting downtown, and love to reinvent every shoot that I do. I have a few favorite spots, but the time of day and position of the sun can change the look on every block in South Main Street, so I have to find new spots almost every time I shoot. Memphis has an amazing history downtown, and there are still a few rare buildings left. So many historic buildings in the downtown area have been demolished, so I love shooting before they get torn down. This first photo shows an old wall that has been repainted, now faded, and you can see the layers of history in the paint. Every now and then I find some new graffiti, like the "love" sign on the block wall below, I'm sure the building owners will sandblast that off soon, but now, Carolyn and Fran can frame it on a canvas on their wall and keep it forever!! They were so much fun to shoot, Congratulations to Carolyn and Fran!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sara & Ryan's Engagement - Memphis South Main Arts District

Congratulations to Sara and Ryan on their upcoming wedding this summer. We set out on an engagement adventure a couple of weeks ago, in the South Main Street arts district. Usually in April, the weather is getting warm, but this weekend the temps dropped into the 50's, so our couple got to snuggle a lot! I wanted these images to have a little bit of a "love in Paris" feel to them. The back drop of the Farmers Market was so much fun, as I shot these it reminded me of trolly cars in Amsterdam, and "The Hill" in Paris. All of the open markets and cafes in Paris are so quaint, I'll always remember the time my wife and I went to Paris........anyway, on to a sneak peek for Sara & Ryan!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Emily & Josephs Wedding in Memphis Tennessee at 2nd Baptist Church & Botanic Gardens

Congratulations to Emily & Joseph for their wedding last weekend. The ceremony was held at Second Baptist Church in Memphis, with the reception at Memphis Botanic Gardens. Emily and Joe were so great to work with, we had an amazing day to capture their wedding with perfect weather and beautiful surroundings. Tracy and I enjoyed photographing their amazing wedding, Emily & Joes attendants were so much fun, they all had a great day helping them celebrate. If you got a chance to see their engagement post in October last year, you will notice Emily loves leopard print shoes, and once again, for the wedding, she got these way cool Guess shoes! Here's a little sample of a few of our favorites from their day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ricki and Josh's Engagement Session - Memphis Tennessee

Here's a preview of Ricki and Josh's engagement session. We had a great time exploring the South Main Art District for the session. This year Memphis has had an incredible springtime, full bloom early in March created perfect weather for April. I love shooting engagement sessions almost as much as I enjoy shooting weddings, the spontaneous moments and the romance of a couple together is so much fun to capture.