Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Engagement Photographers in Memphis Tennessee

I love meeting and shooting new couples. I get a lot of clients from out of town, Amanda and Eric are from Seattle. This year I think I've photographed at least 30 couples from across America, and one from Paris France. A lot of my clients tell me that they are a bit shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera, they are not sure how to act or pose. I quickly build their confidence by offering some simple suggestions, and keep the session relaxed and low key. I'm kind of all business when I shoot, and treat my clients more like models than newly engaged couples. They actually like to be started off with positions, but I try to make sure its really who they are. After about 10 minutes, they tend to take over and I just shoot, now thats fun! In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, who is going to see these photos, how are they going to react, and what does the couple want to see in their session? I've seen other photographers at work, and every photographer has their own style. Some are quick and move on fast, I tend to stay on one location and work with my couples until I've exhausted the possibilities in that space. I'll easily shoot several hundred photos in a session just to get my favorite 100. I also know that each person has some phobias about the way they look on camera, I know that I do, so they must too, right? Anyway, the more angles and looks that I can accomplish, then the more choices my clients will have, if they throw out half of my favorite 100, I'm very happy with their top choices, and know that I've exceeded their expectations. Here's just a few a recent shoot with a wonderful couple, Amanda and Eric. They were a blast to work with, and we had a great session. Congratulations to this fun couple!