Saturday, August 4, 2012

Night & Day in Memphis - Southern Fashion

As a commercial & editorial photographer I get a chance to shoot some pretty amazing projects. Being based in Memphis Tennessee, I get to shoot in Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, and all over Florida. For this shoot for Southern Bride Magazine, we were tasked with shooting in some very different locations than the normal, pretty day time spots that you would normally think about for a wedding are more scenic, but for this shoot we hit the streets to find a bit more urban style. We ended up on rooftops of tall buildings, on street cars, and in the basement of an old bank. For this shoot we were on location in the Downtown Arts District in Memphis Tennessee, home to Elvis, rock n roll, Beale Street and great southern cuisine. We tagged this shoot Night & Day because of the major differences in the scenes the editors chose. I can't complain, we have some pretty amazing shots in the collection, we pulled out just about every piece of studio gear we had to set up each scene for this fast paced 2 day shoot. Here are a few of my favorites, if you want to see more of the images from the shoot visit our website at Michael Allen Photography - Editorial or pick up a copy of the Magazine at Barnes & Noble or other newsstands across the Southern US. You can also see the behind the scenes video in the post below. I hope you enjoy a little Memphis soul in this post!