Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bella in Calla Lilly

I love the Art of photography.
You may have seen some
of my earlier posts of the
"Ballerina Collection" where I
created a simple, timeless collection
of children. In the "Bebe Collection" I love to
add creative elements, I used a recent session with Janna and her beautiful new baby "Bella". My goal for Bella's session was to capture very simple photos in a "real life" approach.

When I ran across this shot, I knew exactly how "Bella" could bloom. When I got into post I had an idea in mind inspired by Anne Geddes using flowers. I pulled my flower collection, but I did not have just the right flower, so I ran down to the florist and ran across this calla lilly. The florist didn't have a very large one, and the detail was not as defined as I would have liked, but it works well for this pose of "Bella" growing out of the flower as a new baby in bloom!
(Janna and her family recently had their house broken into and all the photos taken, hopefully this will get their collection growing again)

Hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of art!

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