Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bridal Portfolio's are the hottest thing in weddings right now, I love to work with new brides in creating a session that brings out their beauty in a romantic way. For Mandy's session, the backdrop set the mood at the historic Nineteenth Century Club in Downtown Memphis. I encourage every bride to include a bridal session at the top of her wedding photography priority list. Every bridal portrait becomes a cherished part of the brides memories. I get many brides calling me wishing that they had done a session for their wedding years ago.

A lot of my bridal sessions take a lot of planning, and some sessions I do several months after the wedding day, and some brides give them a surprise gifts to their husbands, so it's well worth the time and expense.I tend to shoot the bridal session as I would a fashion models session, using special locations, extra studio lighting, and special attention to the hair and makeup. I also want to stretch the bride a bit from her wedding poses, and direct her in the style of the session. I want the bride to walk away from the session having fun, and a lot of choices from her session. More than one portrait, but a complete portfolio with photographs she can use for years. She also let me do her engagement session, and that's posted below as well.Mandy did an incredible job in her session, and she's been very gracious to let me share some of her portfolio on my blog and on my website. Thanks Mandy!

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