Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Editorial Wedding Photographer - Tennessee - South Carolina - North Carolina

Editorial Wedding Photographer - Tennessee - South Carolina - North Carolina

We've had an incredible success in our photography career over the years, one of the most rewarding things we do is shoot weddings. Our award winning photography style caught the eye of one of the editors of Southern Bride Magazine several years ago. One thing that makes a photographers career is getting magazines to track you down and ask you to shoot for them. We've been published in many magazines over the years, from Town & Country, to ELLE, Inspire, and were always excited to be published. When we got the call to shoot for Southern Bride, we were so excited. Getting asked to shoot for a magazine like this is very special to us, as we love shooting weddings for real brides. The most exciting part about shooting for Southern Bride Magazine, is that they keep calling us year after year after year.

The shoot we are featuring today was from one of our favorite shoots in a location that we'd never been to before. We've shot in Charleston South Carolina, but one thing about Pawleys Island South Carolina is the beach! This shoot was scouted for the back bay areas, so it had so much charm and such a unique feel. We'd just shot last year on the beach in Florida for the magazine, and we wanted to give this shoot that back bay feel, a little more high end looking, and we wanted to capture the quaint beauty of Pawleys Island.

For this shoot the magazine brought in over 30 dresses from the top fashion designers across the globe. If you ever get excited when Fed Ex delivers a package to your front door, imagine getting 50 large boxes delivered to your door. It's overwhelming, but the Southern Bride team carefully rips open every box, tags each item, stages them on 6 large garment racks, and sets up a behind the scenes dressing room that most bride to be's would die for! From hairstylists, makeup artists, seamstresses, set designers, florists, catering crews, photography assistants, communications offices, snack table full of fresh fruit and incredible gourmet snacks, to 20 pair of dazzling high heel shoes, the shoot location is buzzing with excitement! Most of our shoots include about 20 crew members, and at least 4 models. From our 7 am call time each morning, our days are like rolling thunder, its non stop action, cameras and gear moving like an orchestra from scene to scene, location to location, we shoot somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 photos in 4 days.

All this to narrow down our top 20 photos to create these beautiful fashion spreads. If you look a few blog posts back you'll also see the cover of this issue. We were not only excited to be featured on the cover, but we are so excited to share this post with you, here's the latest fashion spread from the winter / spring 2015 issue of Southern Bride Magazine.

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