Saturday, February 16, 2013

Actor Headshot Sessions - Memphis - Nashville - New Orleans

Here's a few images from our recent session with Lillie. She came in for headshots for her acting & film portfolio, but I took a few images and added some of my secret ingredients, color & texture to give some of the images a contemporary fine art style. Ok, here's one of my secret ingredients - I'm a big fan of Brooke Shaden, and she was kind enough to share some of her textures from a recent trip to India. {The thing that struck me the most about Lillie is her resemblance to "Harry Potter" film actress Emma Watson. Others think she better resembles actress Natalie Portman}. When I get to work photographing actors, my job is really kind of easy, I just tell them to act out different emotions, serious, happy, sad, mad, then the trick is to capture that tiny millisecond when they nail it. Our studio does a lot of headshot sessions each week for high end celebrities, musicians, business people, and up and coming actresses like Lillie.

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