Friday, November 2, 2012

Avarice Film - A Magical Secret is Discovered - Memphis Indie Films

Two years ago I was approached by a young indie film maker and an indie production team to shoot a film. I get lots of calls to read scripts, and pitches to shoot films, most of them flame out before they ever get off the ground. I was excited about this particular film, I had worked with their team on a couple of small productions, and we had developed a relationship over the past few years. Some how I knew that this project would be a good one to join. Their team had done several very good indie films in the past, and had won several awards, so I eagerly signed on. The team wanted to get access to the new Canon 5D camera, back then had just come out of the gate, impressing some of the big production studios. I had already used my relatively new camera for lots of my companies productions, and knew how impressive it was to use. Dan Baker was the producer, and Rachel Taylor had written the film and was set to direct along with Paul Skidmore, another well know indie film maker on their team.

I won't get into the script, other than to say it is a fantasy, mystery film set with a full cast, an amazing makeup and art department, and good solid story, and a chance to do things with my camera that were way out of the box for typical productions. You can see in this first still how the film has an epic art style. I also quickly bonded with the main character, Haley Parker. As a very young girl, I've had the honor of working with her and seeing her grow up over the past few years. This girl has talent, drive and is a sweet as any young woman could ever be. If half the kids on the planet were as real and down to earth as Haley, we'd be surrounded by one of be best generations ever found in America in decades. I can't wait to work with her again!

The film premiers next week at an unusual, but fun place, along side the maker and voice of Sponge Bob Square Pants at the Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention. The production company delayed entering several other indie festivals due to their compulsive need to make this film a unique rendering of art, mystery, and beauty. I've had the opportunity to shoot the film, and watch the company edit, hear the score, see the re-edit and see the team tweak this into a little work of art that I believe will get some great press over the next year ahead as it gets into the festival circuit.

Here are a few stills captured from the video for you to get a glimpse into the film story. Be sure to view the trailer at

For all the photographers and film makers that see this post, I hope you are inspired to take some risks, step out of the box and find a project like this, It takes a lot of hard work, working on sets all day long and night sometimes for weeks, shooting on remote locations, and enduring extreme heat & weather conditions, but the reward is to work on a great project that hopefully inspires those around you! Congratulations to Rachel on her successful film endeavor, it was an honor to work with her on this project.

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