Friday, December 16, 2011

Memphis Recording Artist - Memphis Music

Memphis Recording Artist - Memphis Music- Award winning singer songwriter Jill Dyson's recent photo session was shot on several locations in Memphis. Michael & Jill spent the day together shooting for her new EP and promotional materials for her recent tour. We also shot a live video of several of her new songs in the recording studio, which will be edited later in the spring. Here are a few of the photos she will use for her promotional materials. Michael has been photographing musicians for many years, and offers a unique photo styling to his shoots. He has worked with local new talent artists, as well as grammy award winning artists, to international recording artists. With each session, Michael likes to load the photo truck and take the artist out for the day, away from cell phone calls, busy schedules and get the artist to focus on the photo session. Getting good photos is more than aiming the camera in a tightly scheduled session, if you get the chance to spend the day on location for a shoot, the results are amazing.

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