Thursday, March 29, 2007

WPPI 2007


We just got back from a week at the WPPI convention in Nevada. We got up each morning at 8:30 to go some incredible classes to learn the hottest new things in photography from the best photographers in the world. (let's say I got up at 8:30 and my wife, Janice, well...she went shopping at about 10.... she'd hang with me some, but she's a hairdresser by profession, so the workshops are not always her thing, unless we are at a hair show, then she's all over it)

The WPPI is the largest professional photographers conference in America, and I got to meet, study with, and learn from over 50 different world famous photographers from around the world. My first class was with Art Wolfe, who is an incredible photographer with National Geographic Magazine, and he dazzled us with his new collection about to be released worldwide this year on the National Geographic channel. One of my loves in photography is outdoor photography, ecology and the environment. I love the beauty of our planet, and the delicate detail of our ecosystems. If you have time, visit and see this guys incredible work!

Most of my studies at the this week were for portraits and weddings, so I went to as many classes as I could all day long...from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm each I did not get much time to see the sights...but I'll post a couple of photos above...most of the photos in this post were from the trade show floor where all the big companies gave even more classes. Canon and Nikon were the main camera vendors, Adobe Photoshop and Apple took up most of my time as I learned the new CS3e versions and many other cool photo programs. (I went to several classes taught by Julieanne Kost with Adobe, she knows her stuff and is an Adobe guru)

Some of my favorite photographers that I put on my learning list: Mike Colon, I've met him briefly once before, and chatted briefly again with him. Mike is exciting and full of creative genius, you'll probably see a little of his influence in my photography style. Bruce Dorn is another of my favorites, he has a cinemaphotography background, and has a new found love for wedding photography, I love his style utilizing fresnel lights, again, my style. There's one shot of him on this page, again, my cheapo pocket camera did not do him Justice...Not too many photographers utilize his style of photography, so being able to study in his lectures is a huge plus for me.

I also love Bambi Cantrell and her partner, Michael Van Auken. I had a chance to see both of their workshops and chat with Michael for a few minutes about marketing. I spent a lot of time in the Pictage booth, got into the VIP booth and learn again from Dennis Reggie, Bob Davis, Michele Celentano, Liana Lehman, David Jay and many more. The pictage guys are great! I love their service and how they support me in my quest for the best in service for all my customers.
Some of the hottest things at the show: Canon's new Mark II 16 megapixel camera is on my list when it comes out later this year. Adobe Lightroom & CS3, DXO, Wacom, Gary Fong's new lightsphere, Graphi Studio, Epson Professional Printers, Image Therapy, GNP, Capri Albums, Willowbook, Lensebabies...these were just a handfull of the vendors that I visted with and spent some money goal is to only have the best for my clients, so getting the best in the business is important.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Vicki and Jed Taufer from www.VGallerynet. They are on my "list" of who to watch, they are super nice and both have incredible talents. Oh, I forget to talk about the gallery wraps, I'll get some in the studio over the next few months, you'll love these.

Anyway, we had a blast this week, learned a years worth of information, and got a chance to hone my skills even more. Most of my clients know me for my wedding style, and a lot of mom's love my baby portrait style, and my business clients always benefit from my "out of the box" approach to projects. My goal is to always achieve more, even when I'm at the top of my game, I always step back and review, learn, and evaluate my skills. This year is just about booked solid, so I plan to use all I've learned to give my clients the best possible in artistic & technical photography.

Here are a few quick pics from our cheapo pocket camera, we stayed at the Paris Hotel, got to eat at our favorite restaurant, Wolfgang Puck in the Venetian, and wandered around for a day, and got a day in at the pool too. We didn't catch any shows, but we did go to Mandalay Bay to see the aquarium, and we went to one wild but tame dance club, Pure, just to check it out, and we ate lots of croissants at the Paris Hotel. WPPI treated us to lots of great parties, food and food and more food and we got to meet lots of great fellow photographers.

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